This may be the best advance directive I’ve seen out there.  Have you still not set up a plan in case you become extremely ill?  How about your family members?  Even if you have, how will someone locate the latest plan in the event of an emergency?  I think has figured it out.  It is a cloud-based advance directive that you can even add voice or video to (if you need to do something in another language other than English).  You can update it at any time and just give your provider, doctor, hospital, your close family the link to your directive.  You can even add information about life insurance and other key information you need shared in the event of your passing.  Providers can embed the link into your electronic medical record so that they always have quick access to your latest directive.  It can be used and accessed anywhere in the world via the Internet and it is free for consumers and providers to use.  Check it out.